What Have YOU Always Wanted to Do?

  • How many times have you seen someone playing the guitar or piano and said, "I've always wanted to play the piano?"
  • How many times have you thought, "I should read through the Bible," or "I should watch the sun rise more often?"
  • How many times have you thought, "I should really keep in touch with Aunt Ruby?"

  • I think those thoughts often. So when I saw the concept of 101 in 1,001, I was intrigued. Yeah, I have to admit it--I'm a list-maker. I make lists about what I want to buy at the grocery store, what I want to get accomplished before a big event, or what I want to name my next child. Lists are--well, they make me feel like I'm prepared, and as I mark off each item, they make me feel like I've accomplished something. So, I've decided to make my list of 101 things that I want to accomplish within the next 1,001 days.

    So...what have YOU always wanted to do?

    What Is 101 in 1001?

    I recently read about a project where you make a list of specific goals and give yourself a specific time to complete those goals. the idea, as well as the person's list that I read, was very inspiring. I decided to make a list of my own...

    And I have to complete my list.

    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    Time for a new list?

    I go through this list every once in a while, even though my time is up and the countdown is way past over, and I find that I'm still eliminating a couple of these every once in a while, but I also see that there are quite a few I can't cross off because I set a number that was too high or I couldn't have possibly done a thing every single day, so since I missed one or two, I can't cross it off!

    So I think I'll start a new blog for this and create a new list and see what I can get done in another 1001 days.

    Look for it soon!