What Have YOU Always Wanted to Do?

  • How many times have you seen someone playing the guitar or piano and said, "I've always wanted to play the piano?"
  • How many times have you thought, "I should read through the Bible," or "I should watch the sun rise more often?"
  • How many times have you thought, "I should really keep in touch with Aunt Ruby?"

  • I think those thoughts often. So when I saw the concept of 101 in 1,001, I was intrigued. Yeah, I have to admit it--I'm a list-maker. I make lists about what I want to buy at the grocery store, what I want to get accomplished before a big event, or what I want to name my next child. Lists are--well, they make me feel like I'm prepared, and as I mark off each item, they make me feel like I've accomplished something. So, I've decided to make my list of 101 things that I want to accomplish within the next 1,001 days.

    So...what have YOU always wanted to do?

    What Is 101 in 1001?

    I recently read about a project where you make a list of specific goals and give yourself a specific time to complete those goals. the idea, as well as the person's list that I read, was very inspiring. I decided to make a list of my own...

    And I have to complete my list.

    Saturday, January 08, 2005

    Days Two and Three

    So far, I've done the following for three days:

    Blogged daily
    Have not been sarcastic towards my dad
    Have hugged my kids every morning and every night
    Have encouraged my husband to do devotions and to read Monet his 4th grader book
    Have done morning Bible reading for two of the three days.

    I began my yearly letter.
    I drank water for the first two days and had two soft drinks yesterday (hey, it was my anniversary!)

    I've also decided that my list needs a little revamping. I want to put more specific goals, as in how many times I want to accomplish certain things, so I'll be revamping my list this week. One of my subgoals is to mark one thing off of my list this week!